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toronto granite countertopMaking Your Home Your Castle
When considering a renovation or upgrade to your home, the ideas and possibilities can seem overwhelming. Should you change the paint and replace the light fixtures, or perhaps knock down a wall or install a new faucet? Spending time agonizing over what to change and how it will affect everything else in the room and in the home can be a time-consuming and unpleasant process. Many of us would prefer to leave things the way they already are despite the fact that we clearly aren't happy with them. Instead of thinking in terms of large-scale renovations, why not consider upgrading to a granite counter?
I'm Just Not a Grey Person
Some people have not considered utilizing granite in their home because the colour that first jumps to mind is grey or even potentially an off-brown. What many people don't know is that this incredible stone actually comes in a wide variety of colours and hues to match nearly any style you can imagine. There's white which goes very well with the traditional kitchen look and matches white appliances and cabinets, or you could try a blue tint for a nautical theme if you live by the beach. Perhaps you are feeling bold and want to experience the rich green ambiance of the stone in your bathroom. There are also many granite artists out there today who can laser etch designs into the stone to make the experience even more unique. Whether it is muted, matted, or totally unexpected, granite can be just the right colour in your home.
But Will You Stick Around?
Hands down, the worst feeling that one can have after a purchase is finding out that their product is not living up to their expectations. We often get an idea in our minds of what we want and then go about finding the cheapest way to achieve our goal. After installation we may find that trying to save a few dollars has really cost us in the end. And with trends changing so quickly, it can be an expensive venture trying to keep up with the latest fads, especially if you are trying to sell your house. Granite provides an excellent bang for your buck with its durability and longevity that will have you reaping the rewards time and time again. Aside from coming in brilliant shades, granite is also virtually indestructible. It is unfazed by heat or cold, is nearly impossible to scratch and does not find itself susceptible to wear and tear, making it an ideal surface for a kitchen with busy families of aspiring chefs! Cleanup is a breeze, as the stone will not soak up spills or germs so a simple wipe with a disinfectant and cloth are all that's needed to have your counter gleaming once again!
Life is expensive and unpredictable these days. Wouldn't it be nice to come home to a touch of class that you know won't break the bank and will actually live up to its hype? Get in touch with your local Toronto granite countertop expert today and take the steps towards an investment you can really be proud of!